Items we recommend for German Shepherds

The items listed on this page are not sold by the rescue, however, they are items our fosters use and love, and we want to share them with you. We do earn a small commission from Amazon on any of the items you may purchase after clicking on them below. We appreciate your support!
Heavy Duty Rolling Crates

The crate we give fosters for destructive dogs and escape artists. They are on wheels for easy cleaning and moving.

K9 Kennel Boss Crates Crates

These crates are almost identical to Impact crates for nearly $300 less. If you have an escape artist or a very anxious GSD, this is the crate for you. If you enjoy taking your dogs with you when you travel, these crates collapse flat, can be carried with a built-in handle, and provide comfort to your dog in new places.

We recommend a Large for most males and for females larger than 75lbs. For smaller shepherds, the Medium is great.

Chuck It Balls

Almost indestructible and last longer than any tennis ball