About Us

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue (GHGSDR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization founded in 2008. We are a breed-specific organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming German Shepherds in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. GHGSDR is guided by three core values: dedication, integrity, and compassion.

We are devoted to finding homes for our GSDs with people who want to continue our mission of giving these dogs a better life and a second chance.

Our GSDs are obtained from public shelters after they have completed a stray-hold period or they are surrendered to us directly by their owners. We strive to ensure that each dog in our care is given the love, attention, and medical care they need to thrive.

We believe that every dog deserves a second chance at a happy life. All of our rescued German Shepherds are placed in a foster home while we work tirelessly to find loving, forever homes; carefully matching each dog with an adoptive family who will provide them with the love and care they deserve.

We attribute our success in rehoming German Shepherds to our wonderful volunteers. We have many volunteers who have been with us since inception, which gives us stability and a sense of history. We also have newer volunteers who bring enthusiasm and new ideas to our group, which is essential for us to continue our mission.

As an all-volunteer run organization, we all hold different jobs in our actual lives. We are not professionals in animal behavior, training, or health, but we work closely with local veterinarians, trainers, and other animal welfare organizations to ensure that our dogs receive the best possible care and support.

We rely on the generosity of our community to help us continue our work. Whether it’s through donations, fostering, volunteering, or adopting one of our dogs, there are many ways you can support our mission.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our organization. We are grateful for your support and look forward to helping more dogs in need.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.