Label Info
1 and 1/2 years old
70 lbs.* Please see below
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Good w/Cats
House Trained
Adoption Status
Ready to Go

Special Considerations for Adoption: *Simba is very thin, and needs to gain 20-30 lbs. to be at his ideal weight.

Please meet Simba! Simba a very classic looking red and black male GSD with a big head and handsome markings. Just like his namesake, Simba has a very regal bearing and was born to lead! Unfortunately, Simba didn't have such a great start in life. The man who owned him starved him for many months, left him outside in the heat, and then took him to the shelter to be euthanized. He had intestinal parasites, and was covered with fleas and ticks. Greater Houston to the rescue! Simba passed every test with flying colors, and came into our program that very day. The first stop was the vet's office, where Simba got the medicine he needed to get rid of all those nasty little critters. Then he went to the groomer for a much needed bath and nail trim. Now Simba is in a loving family home where he has air conditioning and all the food he can eat! He loves to play and chase his foster brother and sister GSDs. Simba bonds very quickly with people, and follows his foster mom from room to room throughout the day. He loves to lay right by her feet while she is working on the computer or watching TV. Simba's favorite snack is peanut butter on crackers. He knows the sit, down, and shake command, and is learning others as well. He will sleep in a crate, but because he loves his people, he's happy to sleep right beside his foster's bed at night. Simba is house trained and crate trained. His foster mom says that he is the sweetest and most affectionate guy ever! Please check back soon for more info as he settles into his foster home.