Label Info
2 years old
60 lbs. (needs to gain)
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
*See below
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
*See below
Good w/Cats
*See below
House Trained
Adoption Status
NE Houston

Special Considerations for Adoption:  *Madison's foster family does not have any children, small dogs or cats, so they are unable to test her. However, because Madison is a calm, easy-going girl, it is possible she will fit into those homes.

Madison recently entered her foster home and they are raving about her. She is calm with a capital "C," gentle natured, loving and sweet. This girl is off the charts for personality and charm. And, her "wonky" ears just add so much to her overall adorability. Madison loves hugs and it is hard to pass her by without bending over to give her one (or two, or three ...). She responds gently with licks and tail wags. Madison's foster mom would love to clone her. Such a good natured dog is a real prize. Her foster family has other GSD's and Madison gets along well. She is as even tempered in a pack of dogs as she is with people. She just wants to belong.

Little is known of Madison's history. She was a stray who found her way into a local shelter. She was sick with heartworms and had to spend a month recovering from the treatment. Madison has made a wonderful recovery and loves romping and playing. Her energy level is low to medium. Madison is on the thin side, and will need to gain 5-10 lbs to be at optimal weight.

Madison's foster family is not able to test her with children, small dogs or cats, however, because this girl is calm and gentle, it is possible she can live in those types of homes. As with any large dog, adopters will be expected to supervise interactions with children and other pets to build rules and boundaries for everyone. Wherever Madison came from, she did not receive any training so enrolling her in obedience classes will be recommended. Her foster mom is working with her on some basic commands, and Madison learns quickly. In just a couple of days she learned crate manners and walking loose on a leash.

I hope you enjoyed reading about sweet, gentle Madison. If you are interested in meeting her, please complete an application and include her name.