Label Info
10 months
60 lbs.
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Good w/Cats
House Trained
Adoption Status
Cypress, TX

Hi, I'm Holster's foster mom, and I'm so happy to introduce this wonderful young boy to you! Holster joined our family, which consists of parents, four teenagers, two adult German Shepherds, a Jack Russell terrier, and a cat. He gets along great with everybody! As a puppy, he is exploring and testing, and our oldest German Shepherd has put him in his place a few times. He has responded to her with great respect. He has never seemed to be either overly afraid, nor wanting to argue any point with her. If there was a speech bubble above his head, it would read, "Okay, got it. No problem." He enjoys playing with our small dog, and has been mindful of her size and played very nicely. He is very, very curious about the cat, and was a bit mouthy with him at first. He was corrected and has stopped that. I think he would be fine with cats, as long as it is a cat who can hold his own. He may give in to an irresistible urge to chase if given the opportunity. Our cat has been raised with GSDs that weigh over 100 lbs., and does not scare easily. Holster seems to love our children, who range in age from 14-18 years old. He really enjoys the interaction of being part of a loving and active family.

Holster and I have been working on basic commands. He is awesome with "sit" and we are now working on leash training. He mastered house training very quickly. He is crate trained, but he really doesn't like it. I let him enjoy being out with the pack when I am home, and only crate him when I have to leave. He sleeps all night in my bedroom with the rest of the dogs, and never disturbs anyone.

Holster has been a complete joy! He has such a nice, sound temperament. This is a very sweet, loving, playful, and loyal little pup. He is very happy, friendly and affectionate. I have seen no signs of aggression or fear. He has been exposed to doorbells, vacuums, and even some construction next door, and has been just solid. The cutest thing about Holster's personality is his desire to be part of our pack. He follows our oldest dog, and copies her every move. If she is barking, he is barking. He runs right behind her to every corner of the yard trying to be "big" like her. He plays with my dogs in the pool, just wanting to try all of the things they do. He has not mustered up the courage to do all of the jumping into the water that they do, but he really wants to! As for me, he follows me everywhere. I will often tell him "You're welcome, baby."' I feel like he is so grateful for all of the care and love that I have given him, and just wants me to know he loves me. He isn't clingy, this is just pure sweetness.

I think Holster's dream home would have at least one other dog. He really likes friends. He would be amazing with someone who is willing to put the time into training. He has such a strong desire to please. He would love a family far more than a single owner. He seems to crave all of the interaction. He loves the power of the pack!