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4 years, 9 months
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Happy Tails

Hi!  I'm Tret's foster mom and let me introduce you to this sweet boy. Tret was a stray and landed at BARC.  He needed some medical attention when GHGSDR took ownership of him in early December.  He arrived at our home in mid-January and is now ready to find his forever family.  Tret was quite stressed when he came to us but he relaxed more every day. Tret is a love and is usually within a few feet of myself or our 20 yr old daughter.

He was initially unsure about our GSD but finally realized he was safe and now they are buddies. However, he would probably do best as an only dog because stress can make him untrusting of other large dogs. The only exception to this would be those who have previous GSD experience and know how to look for signs of stress and pack order. He was fine with our senior poodle from the beginning.  Cats are not a good fit.  He likes to keep a lookout for neighbor cats out our front window. 

As a  family, we have loved watching him settle into our family and relax and learn to play with toys.  His favorite is a wobble ball that makes funny noises!  He is a perfect blend of calm and fun. Tret would be a great dog for a family that likes to just "hang out." He has not been around children much but most likely would do well with his mild demeanor and has done well going to dog-friendly stores.  Tret was around a senior human in his nineties and was very gentle and did not jump.  He LOVES to go on car rides!  Tret sleeps and eats in his crate and goes in his crate when we are away from the house but occasionally talks our daughter into sleeping next to her bed.  He has nice house manners and enjoys being with his people, especially our daughter in college.  He likes to keep her company while she studies. Did I mention he is gorgeous?!  Because of his experiences being a stray, an experienced dog owner would be best for Tret.  Are you ready to add him to your family?