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Once in a while, we have two wonderful dogs who have lived together their whole lives and come to us as a bonded pair.  In that case, it would be heartless to split them up.  Lady Jae and her son, Pluto, were very much loved dogs, and lived their whole lives with one person.  When their person had a sudden illness and passed away, they were left alone in the world, except for each other.  They didn’t do well apart, so when we took them in, we made the decision to keep them together.  Maybe you were only looking for one dog.   But let me tell you about these two special dogs, and you just might change your mind.  

I am their foster mom, and Lady Jae and Pluto have been staying with me.  They are so sweet, and so charming, that I can honestly tell you that they are the easiest dogs I have ever fostered.  They love people, and are very affectionate.  However, if you are busy, that’s no problem, because they love each other, so they are easily contented to be together at home.  They love to play together, and especially like to play chase in the back yard, and tug of war.  Indoors, they are content on their dog beds, and enjoy their toys.  They like to be with people, but if you have things to do, they will entertain each other.

Lady Jae and Pluto are highly intelligent, and always seem confident that they can understand you and follow your directions.  They have both been extensively obedience trained.  They know all sorts of commands, such as sit, down, stay, and leave it.  They ride well in the car, and walk well on a leash.  When you set down their food bowls, they don’t crowd in to start eating.  In fact, they will wait politely to start eating until you give them the release command.  They will alert bark to let you know that someone is nearby, but will not keep barking if you tell them to stop.  They like to go on easy walks around the neighborhood, and don’t start problems with other dogs.  When at the vet, they are very calm, and don’t bark at other dogs.

We have not crated them, because they are so nice and well behaved that they really haven’t needed to be crated.  They don’t tear anything up, or damage any of my belongings.  They have plenty of energy, and seem like much younger dogs.  But they are also calm and easy going in the house.  We have never seen them get anxious when there are noises like thunderstorms.  They are happy as long as they can be together.  Because they have lived closely with people for so long, it feels like they can practically read my mind.  It may seem far fetched, but there are times when I could swear they understand English. They listen to me so carefully.  I find myself talking to them about something, or explaining what is going to happen, and it’s almost like they nod and say, “Right.  No problem.  We understand.”  They are practically human.

These two dogs have been simply amazing house guests. I think they would do well in any family setting, with a single person, a couple, or a family with children.  They have been great with my son and his friends.  They are pretty much happy with any people and each other.  I think they would be happiest as the only two dogs in the family.  They are so closely bonded, that I think another dog might feel left out.  We have noticed that Pluto has some trouble climbing stairs.  So we recommend them for a one story house, or a two story house where they will be able to sleep together downstairs.  

You may think that they sound too good to be true.  You may even think that I must be exaggerating.  I promise you, I am not.  Please come meet them and see for yourself.  I think you will be as impressed with them as I have been, and I think you will find that in this case, two dogs really are even better than one.