Label Info
4 years, 1 months
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Not Sure
Good w/Cats
Not Sure
House Trained
Adoption Status

Hi there! My name is Juergen and I'm a special pup with with a heart full of resilience and wagging tail that never stops. I may only have three legs, but that doesn't slow me down one bit! 

I was rescued after being abandoned at a dog park and had an old leg injury that wouldn’t heal correctly, so the kind people at GHGSDR and their veterinarian partners made the decision to amputate my leg for my own well-being. I bounced back in no time and got right back on my paws!

As my foster parents will tell you, I'm a sucker for love and affection. I have a knack for wiggling my way onto their laps and will stay there for as long as possible. I'm an affectionate boy and I won't hesistate to give you a gentle nudge to remind you to pet me! 

I'm great with people, kids, and dogs, but haven't met any cats yet so it's hard to say if we'd be friends. I’m currently living with two GSD sisters and I must say, I'm adapting to home life like a champ. I play well with my foster sisters and am quickly learning the boundaries set by them. I walk pretty well on a leash but I'm working on being better. Car rides are a breeze for me and I even enjoy a good bath! My foster parents are diligently working with me on my manners and basic training. I'm a fast learner and I'm food-motivated. I know how to sit and and I respond well to the word “no”. I’ve also learned to not dart out the house or the crate. I love being around my people so much that it can be hard for me when they're out of sight, but my foster parents are working wth me on this.

I know being a three-legged pup makes me a little different, but let me remind you that it doesn't hold me back in the slightest! I lead a perfectly normal life, engaging in many of the same activities as any other dog and I won't burden you with expensive medical devices or extra vet visits. Just like any other dog, I simply need a healthy diet, regular exercise, and to maintain a good weight! So, will you be the forever family I've been waiting for? I'm excited to meet you!