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5 Months, 2 Weeks and 2 Days
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Josephine, (or Joey, Josie, Josephina) is an absolute delight!  We found this poor girl at a local shelter with skin dermatitis, a respiratory infection, round worms and a BB from a BB gun lodged in her back leg.  So, at 4 months old, she had a rough start, but that is all behind her now.  This little girl has got some sass!  She has recovered from her ailments, though her coat is still coming in and getting thicker every day.  She has a great appetite and is almost 100% house broken.  When she has a small accident, it is because I have gotten caught in traffic.  Poor little thing can only hold if for so long.  

Josephine is a smart cookie and a quick learner.  In three short weeks, besides battling her physical ailments she has learned sit, down and up.  She is still working on taking treats gently though.  She is learning to play fetch; the correct way - which is leave it, then sitting and waiting for the toy to be thrown.  She loves stuffed toys as well and will often carry one with her throughout the yard.  She gets along well with the big boys in her foster home, though sometimes they weary of her - they are older and slower.  She is quite submissive to them when they give her a warning growl, she will curl up under them on her back and kiss their face.  

Josephine has been introduced to leash walking - but very limited.  She doesn't seem to mind it, but if she gets startled or distracted - she sits - like won't get up at all.  But she is still a baby and this is something that can easily be trained.  Josephine will eventually settle down in the evening for quiet time before bed.  Josephine would do well with another dog, or someone who stays home at least part time.  If you are interested in meeting her, please reach out to our placement team.