Label Info
7 years, 2 months
86 lbs
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Not Sure
Good w/Cats
Not Sure
House Trained
Adoption Status
Happy Tails

Aslan is a sweet 6 year old red and black GSD that had been with his family for his whole life and was loved very much. Unfortunately, a new member in the family developed allergies and Aslan is now looking for a new family to love.

Aslan’s house manners are impeccable, he is so careful not to knock anything over such as ornaments off the tree when he looks out the window to check on the squirrels or the cat. He loves playing ball, especially with the dog nerf gun and will bring you a toy to play tug of war when indoors. He is people friendly and, knows his basic commands sit, lay, and stay. He adores kids and would love to have some kids to play with!

We walk in the morning and when I am putting my shoes on, he begins to wag his tail knowing it’s time for our walk. He was pulling on the leash when I first got him, but he has greatly improved and now the walk is enjoyable for both of us. He also loves car rides. Once I came home and was unloading groceries, on the last trip to the car I didn’t see Aslan. When I got closer, I could see he had jump in the back of my SUV waiting patiently for his turn to take a ride.

Aslan loves water and when it is bath time he gets right into the tub at Petco’s self-wash. During all the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and some of New Year’s Day Aslan never so much as flinched during the long celebration.  He is such a joy to live with, and a great companion.

I do not kennel Aslan; I have left him alone for four hours and return to find nothing out of place. He sleeps beside my bed on the floor all night and stays there until morning when I get up.

Aslan is a great dog looking for a family he can love and become a great companion to. I invite you to come meet Aslan, he’s waiting to meet you.