Special Considerations for Adoption

My dad was a huge baseball fan. Sometimes it seems like I spent half my childhood at baseball games, or listening to my dad tell stories about baseball legends like Stanley “Stan the Man” Musial. Stan Musial was famous both for his great performances on the field, and for what a wonderful person he was off the field. Everybody who knew him just loved him.

Our Stanley is also a great guy who is learning how much fun it is to be part of a loving family. Stanley’s former owners dropped him off at a shelter when having a dog was no longer convenient for them. Stanley lived his former life as a very neglected guy. But what a sweetheart he is, and how beautiful! He has the most striking markings, especially around his sweet, sensitive face. Everybody who meets “Stan the Man” thinks he is just gorgeous – both inside and out!

Stanley has been quickly learning how to operate as part of a team. He is learning all about how to share treats and toys, and how to play happily and with consideration for others. He listens to his foster mom, and really seems to understand that she is coaching him to become the very best “Stan the Man” that he can be. In just a short time, this intelligent guy has benefitted from lots of new training and practice, practice, practice. Stanley’s former owners probably left him full time in the backyard. When he first arrived at his foster home, he just couldn’t get his head around the idea that he was welcome in the house. When the other dogs trotted happily past him to come in and enjoy the air conditioning, Stanley would wait at the back door, peering wistfully inside. His foster mom said, “Oh sweetie…your life is really about to change!”

Now Stanley loves all the wonderful things about being inside with his foster family. He no longer lives outside with the Houston heat and bugs. He follows his foster mom all around the house. He thinks he needs to always be near by so he can protect her. Stanley is crate trained, but his foster mom almost never crates him. He’s just that good! Stanley is house broken, and lets his foster mom know when he needs to go outside. Stanley alert barks if someone comes to the door, but he is not a problem barker. Stanley is very affectionate, and loves being petted. His foster mom feels that Stanley just never got enough love in his former life. So now he is soaking up all the loving he can get! He curls up and sleeps all night in a cozy dog bed in his foster mom’s room, without disturbing anyone. Stanley loves children, enjoys being with other dogs, and even gets along fine with cats. If you are looking for a calm, easy going, versatile dog, who truly appreciates everything you do for him, then Stan is your man.

Stanley’s foster mom thinks he will fit in well just about anywhere, but she does have a particular kind of home in mind for him. She wants Stan the Man to go to a home where he will be loved dearly, spoiled rotten, and treasured for the wonderful guy that he is. Stanley spent so much of his life sitting in the dugout. Now it’s his turn up at bat. Come on, people! Let’s show beautiful Stanley what it feels like to be treated like a star!

Epilogue: After a full evaluation by veterinary specialists, Stanley was diagnosed with a debilitating, terminal illness, and we were sadly unable to save him. “Stan the Man” crossed the Rainbow Bridge, with love and compassion, during the early morning hours of August 25, 2016. He is survived by his loving foster mom and two GSD foster brothers, the kind couple who pulled Stanley from the shelter in hopes of giving him a better life, and the extraordinary veterinary technician who loved and cared for Stanley in his final days, and left no stone unturned in trying to save him. He is also survived by an entire rescue group, who all do different jobs in saving dogs, and sincerely try with all their hearts to help each dog in our program have a wonderful future.

Run free with the angels, sweet Stanley! We will always love you.

Label Info
4 years old
65 lbs.
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Good w/Cats
House Trained
Adoption Status
Sugar Land, TX