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Hello GSD lovers! We hope that you are all well and staying safe!  
We want you to know that we are very much still operating, however
all meet n' greets will be canceled until further notice in compliance with 
City and State ordinances on social gatherings. Thank you for your support!

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Sex: Male
Age: 1 and 1/2 years old
Weight: 75 lbs.
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Heartworm Status: Treated
Microchip: Yes
Good w/Kids: Pending
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Small Dogs: Pending
Good w/Cats: Pending
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
Location: Katy, TX

Special Considerations for Adoption:

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Howdy! I’m Odin. I am SO excited to meet you!  I have been living with my foster family for nearly two weeks.   I lived on the streets before the wonderful people of GHGSDR took me in, so I am overjoyed to live in a home with a family, and curious about all things new.   I bounce around the house excited to explore and take in everything. For example, I was so surprised to find that my foster family has a tree with all sorts of decorations on it …. INDOORS.  When I barked at it, no squirrels or anything ran out, and the other dogs ignore it so I guess we are safe.  I love people, and Mom says I'm very affectionate. I want Mom and the human boy to pet me all the time, so I follow them everywhere, just in case they want to touch my soft fur and give me a quick hug. 

I want to be by my people all the time, but I will go in my crate when asked.  I call out to mom and the human boy as they leave – just to let them know I love them and will miss them while they are gone. I have worked very hard to learn what my foster family expects of me. It makes Mom happy that I sit when asked.  I also take treats very gently from her hand.  I am proud when I please her, because I know she loves me.  

There are three other big dogs here, so I always have someone to play with. There are lots of wonderful things here called toys that squeak and are soft.  I love carrying them around the house and tossing them up in the air.  When I do this, my canine foster brothers will try to beat me to the toy to pick it up.  We play tug of war and chase.  I love both these games.  Playing with other dogs rocks!  

I have never lived in a house before, but Mom says I'm a very smart boy, and I am adapting quickly.  Tile floors were tricky at first, but I am clever and am learning how to take corners without my legs slipping out from underneath me.  In my past life, I never went on a walk on a leash.  I constantly had to be on alert so I could protect myself.  Now I am learning that I can walk happily along right beside my foster mom.  At first, when something startled me, my first instinct was to run away.  My mom is so patient with me.  I am learning that walks with people are lots of fun, and I can relax and feel safe.  Mom is so proud that I am a quick learner, and now I am happy and confident when we go for a walk together.

Mom says that I am a good cuddler, with a soft coat.  I like when it is my turn to sit in her lap each night.  Mom tells me that there is a family out there looking for a sweet, happy, handsome boy like me.  All I want for Christmas is my own family.  Is that you?