Sex: Female
Age: 5 months old
Weight: 50 lbs.
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Heartworm Status: Negative
Microchip: Yes
Good w/Kids: Yes
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Small Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Depends on cat (see Bio)
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Ready to Go
Location: Cypress, TX

Special Considerations for Adoption:

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I am Latte's foster mom, and I would love to introduce you to this adorable puppy, and tell you about all the new experiences she has had since coming to stay with our family.  Little Latte is quite a character! My first note on her is that she is definitely looking for a leader. She loves to follow me around and loves to follow Quinn, our alpha female. Nooska is our other GSD, and although she is not the alpha, she is a bit like the mother hen here. Latte loves her. She plays with her and is really fine tuning some of her newly acquired "play fighting" skills. Latte is wildly entertaining with the play bow.  It is her signature move, and her way of asking Nooska to play with her.

Our house is pretty much FULL EXPOSURE. We have two 100+ lb. GSD's, (Quinn and Nooska), a 3-year-old  Jack Russell Terrier, (Tommy Lee) and a 4-year-old cat, (Ka'ulu). We have even added two chickens to our tribe. We also have three teenagers in residence. I mention all of this because little Latte has seen a lot since joining our pack.

As for the GSD's, Latte has made some puppy mistakes, such as assuming that she can eat out of Quinn's bowl at dinner time....OOPS! She was quickly corrected on that, but received it with grace and understanding. She learned quickly that that was a party foul, and that was never repeated. This is a true characteristic of hers. Latte isn't just a fast learner. She has a very strong desire to please everyone around her.

As for her behavior with our small Jack Russell, she initially made some innocent mistakes. Latte got some tunnel vision and ran right over her one day. Tommy Lee shot up from under her and let her know that she would not be disrespected that way.  Meanwhile, Nooska ran a little interference on Tommy Lee's behalf and that mistake was also squashed. Latte is now very thoughtful of Tommy Lee, and I often find them sleeping together.

Our cat was a whole new thing to Miss Latte. I don't know if she had ever really seen one up close. She initially growled and hunched over and started to chase. Ka'ulu has been raised with GSD's and was completely prepared to go to battle. Rather than flee at the start of the chase, he held his own and swatted her right across the face. Again, message received loud and clear! Latte continued to growl at his presence (not chase) for a couple of days. This resulted in some swift discipline from me, and Latte wants so badly for me to be happy with her that she has stopped that behavior. However, if there was a speech bubble above Latte's head, it would read "I am not chasing you, but I REALLY want to!" Latte could definitely live with a cat, but it would have to be a cat that is very dog savvy, or little Latte may give into that temptation that she is still mentally wrestling with here.

Our children are beloved in Latte's world. She loves to go to their rooms and visit, frequently making off with things that they don't notice or won't miss anyway, like socks.  She derives great pleasure from destroying socks! Latte would love a home with children. She has only shown genuine love and affection toward them. She breathes more out of life when she can kiss them all over and snuggle with them. This is Latte's idea of heaven!

As for training, Latte is potty trained and has been fantastic. She is crate trained, but the longer she stays the more she protests about going in. She knows "sit," and we have been working on "down." At first, she was so excited with the newness of yum-yums and biscuits, that she would try to snap them up when it was not her turn. This was met with great disapproval from everyone in the pack. Another party foul! We have really had to practice on sitting nicely, waiting patiently, and most importantly having a soft mouth. We have reached success on this, not perfection, but we are well on our way. I truly believe this is the reason my dogs enjoy the fosters. They pray that we have to work on mouth manners. The extra practice for the foster is a great time for the whole gang to get some extra yum-yums.  Cheez-its were used for a bit one day, and that was a good time for all!  Because she wants sooooo badly to please, I believe that Latte will continue to do brilliantly with consistent and proper training.

Overall, this little lady is an angel. She is wildy entertaining, since almost everything in her world is new. She is a textbook "puppy" in that she views the whole world with wonder and amazement. She can still be a little scared of some of these new things that come up, but looks to her pack for reassurance. She loves her pack and really appreciates the comfort of a good, strong leader. This will be very important to her during the adoption process. Latte could easily mesh into almost any environment and do well, but the best bet for success will be with a strong leader. Latte is still a young puppy, and behaves appropriately for her age.  If left to her own devices, she would cheerfully destroy things that are not meant for her. She would greatly benefit from an older dog to lead her and model good and acceptable behavior, and Latte would tow the line just fine. I believe Latte would also love to be part of a famly with children. She would be safe with younger children, as she does not tend to jump. She is just a super snuggler and loves the energy of children.  Latte is a sweet and beautiful little girl who is ready for her very own family to love!