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Hello GSD lovers! We hope that you are all well and staying safe!  
We want you to know that we are very much still operating, however
all meet n' greets will be canceled until further notice in compliance with 
City and State ordinances on social gatherings. Thank you for your support!

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Sex: Female
Age: 8 months
Weight: 55 lbs.
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Heartworm Status: Negative
Microchip: Yes
Good w/Kids: Older kids
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Small Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Pending
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
Location: Houston, TX

Special Considerations for Adoption:

Laica1 Laica2 Laica3 Laica4

I am Laica's foster mom, and I am so happy to tell you about this sweet girl.  First, her name is pronounced Lay-Kah, and she would love to hear you call her, as Laica adores people!  When we first picked up Laica, she reacted as if we had raised her from a puppy. She is a VERY affectionate pup, and loves nothing more than to be right next to you. When I sit on the floor with her, she will roll over for belly rubs, and then hop up to give me grateful kisses. Laica is great on a leash. She doesn’t pull much (unless she is trying to play with my other dogs) but otherwise she walks very well on a leash.  I have two female German Shepherds of my own, and they are all three the best of friends. They love playing together with toys, and of course chasing each other in the backyard.  I do believe Laica will do best in a home with an active family, as she loves to run and play.  Laica would be happiest if there was another dog for her to play with.  Laica is crate trained, and has learned to sleep quietly all night in her crate. We have covered her crate with a blanket, which helps her to settle down, relax, and drift off to doggy dream land. Laica is still a puppy, and is definitely not a couch potato.  Any family who adopts her will need to provide daily exercise. If you don't want to take Laica out for daily exercise, please don't ask to adopt her.  She needs to move!  Also, like all young dogs, Laica will need regular training to help her be the best Laica she can be.  If you can commit to daily exercise and training, Laica will reward you by being the most devoted and loving best friend you could ever hope to have!