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Hello GSD lovers! We hope that you are all well and staying safe!  
We want you to know that we are very much still operating, however
all meet n' greets will be canceled until further notice in compliance with 
City and State ordinances on social gatherings. Thank you for your support!
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years
Weight: 70 lbs.
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Heartworm Status: Negative
Microchip: Yes
Good w/Kids: Pending
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Small Dogs: No
Good w/Cats: No
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted 
Location: NE Houston, TX

Special Considerations for Adoption:


If I had to describe Freda in a few words, I would say, “wonderful GSD package.” From the moment Freda entered my home, she demonstrated a calm, easy-going temperament and she has held true to my first impression. She is crate trained and has good house manners. Freda is very easy to live with. She is a self confident girl, and that is one of her traits that I admire most. This girl enjoys being with people, but she is not needy. Freda will either amuse herself, or find a comfy place to lay down and just enjoy being peaceful. When I invite her to come over for pettings, Freda happily obliges. She comes over with that “whole body wiggle” that is just too funny for words. Freda always wears a happy face, and I just love that about her. Wherever she came from, I have not detected any stress or anxieties. Freda is a girl who lives in the moment and focuses forward with a positive, easy-going attitude. She loves people and her calm nature makes her such an enjoyable companion on walks and outings. Freda’s devotion and loyalty speak GSD. She lets me know when there is something amiss and she doesn’t even have to bark. When Freda senses something, her head goes into this alert posture position and she points her nose towards wherever the sound is coming from. It is very calming knowing Freda is on alert.

Currently, Freda lives with my four big dogs and she blends well into the pack. Freda does not challenge any of my dogs and she lives harmoniously with all of them. However, when she plays with them, Freda does have a tendency to try and be dominant. When I see it, I immediately correct her and she responds appropriately. Freda slows herself down and returns to that calm, easy-going girl that she is. Freda is a very intelligent dog and I have been working with her on some basic obedience training. Freda has learned very quickly, and as a result, she is an exceptional houseguest. Freda knows her boundaries in my home and will do well in a home with structure. Whoever adopts Freda will be encouraged to continue her training and give her regular exercise.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce Freda to you. Writing her bio is so enjoyable for me because I truly admire Freda and love having her in my home. Freda is a precious gift and I am so fortunate to play a part in helping her on her journey to her forever home. I hope you enjoyed reading about her. If you would like to meet her, please include her name on your application. Freda is one classy girl.