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Sex: Male
Age: 1 and 1/2 years old
Weight: 72 lbs.
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Heartworm Status: Negative
Microchip: Yes
Good w/Kids: Yes
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Small Dogs: Pending
Good w/Cats: No
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
Location: Katy, TX

Special Considerations for Adoption:

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Archie 3 IMG 3251 IMG 3244

Howdy! I’m Archie, but my mom calls me Goofy….a lot. I’m not sure what that means, but she is always laughing when she says it so I guess that is a good thing. Besides Mom, there is a human boy that is pretty cool. Sometimes, he takes me out in the yard on a leash to hang with his friends. They all pet me and tell me I am big, or cute. I give LOTS of kisses to show how grateful I am, and how happy I am to be near people.


There are two dogs that live here.  One is a yellow lab named Jack – who is grumpy and barks at me - a lot. I don’t think he likes any of us dogs to have fun. I don’t let it bother me though, I just let him bark and then go back to playing or whatever. The other dog is a Great Dane mix, named Moose. He is tons of fun, and has taught me to play chase, tug of war, and how to “bay." We sound great together, I think. Mom must not want the neighbors to get jealous of our wonderful singing, because when we start, she comes to the door and calls us inside. The other dog that lives with us is a foster like me – only he is jet black and I am bright white. Slate, is his name, and he is pretty cool, too.


So, before I came to live here, I was outside a lot. I escaped one day only to be picked up as a stray. I didn’t mind much, as at least I was indoors and all the humans were super nice to me. At Mom’s house we are petted, we get fed twice a day, and there is always water in the bowl. Mom plays outside with us, usually throwing a ball. Moose is much faster than I am and he REALLY likes to win. I have fun just chasing him, and then hanging around Mom’s feet while he runs around like a fool. Mom also takes us for walks. She says I am great on a leash. I just like walking next to her. I may pull her once in a while, but when a squirrel or cat crosses my path, I just get excited.  Last night, a jogger tried to get close to me and Mom, but I barked twice and he crossed the street. I think Mom was as proud of me as I was. The best thing though about Mom is she lets us sit next to her on the couch. I get excited when she calls my name because I know I am gonna get cuddle time. I launch myself onto the couch and then try to make myself small enough to fit in her lap. She has this magic way of petting my head that makes me fall asleep right away.


I love to eat. Mom says that is good since I still need to gain a few pounds. I am not a picky eater. I love everything she gives us. I will do almost anything she asks for a treat. I am so focused on the treat, that the next day she makes me start all over.  I mean really, if I am sitting instead of being down, mom doesn’t have to bend as far to give me my treat.  Isn’t that helpful of me? Mom must think down is pretty important though, because she tries to get me to do it every day.  Sigh…..

I would love to find my forever family. Mom says not to worry – my charming personality and good looks will have people knocking down her door to meet me. I hope so. My dream family will have maybe one dog and a kid or two that will play with me. Fill out an application and maybe we can meet each other.  That is my biggest hope and dream - to get a forever family of my very own for the holidays!