**If you are already approved to adopt, then you are already approved to foster!  If you are approved, and are interested in fostering, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know! Thank you!


As a foster home/foster parent, you have the most important job in the GHGSDR organization!  The care and rehabilitation after being in a shelter are critical to the success of our adoptions.  It will be you who spends the most time with your foster GSD, and it will be your recommendations which determine the selection of the right adoptive family.  You will re-evaluate the GSD's temperament and reinforce basic obedience and house manners as needed.  You will also be responsible for some necessary paperwork, and most importantly - giving love and security to a special pet at an often-difficult time in his or her life.  In short, you will be a nurse, a teacher, a record keeper, a behaviorist, a groomer, and a friend.  Basically, you will be a parent.

This may sound like too much, but it really isn’t.  You don't need to know everything about GSDs.  Our organization is full of people who share a wealth of knowledge and true dedication to the breed.  If the GHGSDR volunteer you call doesn't know how to answer your question, he or she will find someone who does.  Few people are dedicated to a cause more unifying, than the love of a truly exceptional animal.

The question we're asked most often is, "Don't you become so attached to your foster dogs, that it's hard to give them up?"  Of course we become attached (and you will, too).  However, when you know that the animal you have fostered is going to a good home, and you see the joy on people's faces when they meet their new GSD, you're reminded of why you became involved with rescue in the first place…  to give something back to the animals. Each time you help match a displaced animal with a loving family, you'll know you've done something noble, rare and lasting.

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