Label Info
1 years, 11 months
60 lbs
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Good w/Cats
House Trained
Adoption Status

Hey guys! My name is Monty and you may have noticed that something is missing... my ears. It's really no big deal at all! What I lack in ears, I make up for in personality! Sure, I had a rough past, but I never let that get me down - so settle down into your seat and let me tell you a little about myself.

First of all, I am your classic velcro German Shepherd. Wherever you go, I'm right there with you. Whether we're playing ball in the yard or watching tv on the couch, I'm excited to be doing it with my humans. On movie nights, I like to snuggle up super close to my foster mom and lay my head on her chest - I really just can't get close enough. I really love people! And you know what, people really love me too!

I also really love other dogs (after a calm introduction). They're my best friends. I have lots of furry foster brothers and sisters, big and small, and we play together all the time. I love to play with my herding ball while making sounds that make my foster parents laugh and hang their heads in embarassment. I also REALLY love to swim - day or night, hot or cold - so if you've always wanted your dog to swim with you, I am your guy! Do you have a pool? Let's hang out! One of my other favorite activities is stealing toys and balls from my foster siblings, so living with another dog who is possessive of their toys could be an issue. 

My foster parents take me out in public a bunch and I do really well. I'm also a good guy on walks. I'm working on not getting so super excited when I see other dogs to play with. I know how to sit and wait for my meals. I do fine in a crate, or out and about with free roam of the house. 

So anyway, now that you know more about me, do you think you want to adopt me and give me my forever home? I'd love to meet you!