Label Info
13 years, 4 months
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Not Sure
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Not Sure
Good w/Cats
Not Sure
House Trained
Adoption Status

Hey there, my name is Biggie and I am the most lovable big guy. From the moment you meet me, you will know what a gentle giant I am. I'm a big, confident, do-my-own-thing type of guy. I love to be with people, but I also enjoy going off to take a nap. If I come across any type of water puddle, I can't resist laying in it for as long as I can. Playing isn't my top priority, but if I find a nice big soggy toy, I might fling it around for a bit.

I'm a senior who has traded in running, playing, and barking for napping and eating anything I can find. Nevertheless, I still have plenty of strength, so don't underestimate my ability to go after what I want. At my age, my vision and hearing are perhaps not as sharp as they used to be, so sometimes I need a tap to get my attention. When it comes to handing me treats, my sense of smell is stronger than my sight, so I might misjudge the distance and inadvertently nip at your hand, but I don't mean to.

Because I am so big and strong, I need lots of room to turn around, so I should only go to a home where everyone is stable on their feet. While I love kids, I'm not sure I have the energy to hang around them for long, but I sure do love the attention they give me. I get along fine with other dogs, but I'm not looking for friends or a playmate; I prefer to keep to myself. If any other four-legged critter irritates me, I will let them know. I don't like cats and don't get along with small dogs either.

The right home for me would be with someone who wants an easy-going companion in retirement mode. If you're looking for someone to lounge around with you and snooze the day away, I'm your guy!