Label Info
13 years, 0 months
Heartworm Status
Good w/Kids
Not Sure
Good w/Big Dogs
Good w/Small Dogs
Not Sure
Good w/Cats
Not Sure
House Trained
Adoption Status
Coming Soon

 Big D is just a completely lovable fellow.  From the moment you meet him, you will know what a gentle giant he is.   Biggie is a big, confident, do his own thing type of guy.  He loves to be with people, but he also loves to go off and take a nap, or if he can find any type of water puddle, he will go lay in it as long as he can.   He isn’t too interested in playing, but if he can find a nice big soggy toy he might fling it around for a bit.   Big D is a senior guy who has traded in running, playing and barking for napping and eating anything he can find.  He still has plenty of strength so don’t underestimate his ability to go after what he wants.   At his age, his vision and hearing is perhaps not as sharp as it used to be, so sometimes he needs a tap to get his attention;   when it comes to handing him treats, because his sense of smell is stronger than his sight, he often misjudges distance and will nip at your hand but he doesn’t mean to.   Because he is so big and strong, he does need lots of room to turn around, and for this reason should only go to a home where everyone is stable on their feet.  While he loves kids, I am not sure Big D has the energy to hang around kids for long, but he sure does love the attention they give him.   He does fine with other dogs, but he is not looking for friends or a play mate, rather he will keep to himself.   I am sure if any other 4 legged critter irritates him he will let them know.  He does not like cats and I suspect he won’t like small dogs either.  The right home for Big D will be someone who wants an easy going companion that is in retirement mode like he is.