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Come meet our dogs  1-4pm  Saturday 8/12/2017

2110 S. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX  77019 


Adoption Pending

Sex:  Male
Age:  3 years
Weight:  75 lbs.
Spay/Neuter:  Yes
Heartworm Status:  Treated
Microchip:  Yes
Good w/Kids:  Yes
Good w/Big Dogs:  Yes
Good w/Small Dogs:  Pending
Good w/Cats: No
House Trained:  Yes
Adoption Status:  Ready
Location:  Spring / Tomball

Special Considerations for Adoption:

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 IMG 4034  IMG 4170

Dodger is one of the sweetest German Shepherd Dogs that his foster family has ever cared for. He loves to reach out with his leg and hug his fosters and their two dogs. Dodger loves attention. He plays well with the two large dogs in his foster home. He shares the home with the family cat. He is not aggressive towards the cat. He  is extremely curious about the family cat. The result is that he drives the cat nuts. He is probably better suited  for a home with no cats. Dodger is not a picky eater. He follows his foster family from room to room. He is respectful of not getting on the furniture unless he is clearly invited on a sofa or bed. Dodger is a bit clumsy. Just enough to make us laugh and enjoy his company. He wants to please and responds well to directions. Dodger is a laid back dog who has somehow figured out what is a toy and what is not to be chewed on. He has not had an accident or chewed anything in his foster home. He is allowed free access of the house whenever his foster family is home. Dodger is the perfect dog to cuddle with after a hard day at work. He will lay down next to you and let you know how glad he is to be with you with a simple stare from his big happy eyes.